It’s all about the data, when you really think about it.

Sure, data can be numbers in spreadsheets and college classes you’d rather forget. It can be dry. But it can be more than that.

“Collecting data” is just a formal way of saying, “I noticed something.” You probably collect data without even realizing: The number of passengers on your (very crowded) flight. The time it takes you to get to work, based on which route you take. The number of times you tell your kids “no” before it sinks in.

Formally or informally, consciously or subconsciously, we analyze this data to assess what’s happened or to make an educated guess as to what the future holds.

People, businesses, government agencies, we all use the numbers as our guide. Analyzing data may yield that inside scoop that’s invisible to the naked eye, that little extra help you get ahead or have a private laugh.

Here at LocalMaxima, we’re all about the data, too.

Welcome to our website. This is our platform to share our adventures in data analysis. We’ll make some pretty charts, draw some conclusions, and occasionally take an irreverent look at the data around us. We’re essentially thinking out loud but you’re welcome to listen in. Feel free to pay us a visit now and then, or subscribe in your preferred RSS reader.

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