LocalMaxima has roots in New York City so we’re always on the hunt for information about it. Thanks to the NYC Data Mine, the city’s catalog of public data, we should have plenty of material. (Think of the Data Mine as a local cousin to the Federal government’s Data.gov project.)

In future posts we’ll take some peeks at Data Mine data, both on its own and mixed with other sources. As always, we’ll share our findings with you here on our website.

One topic we won’t cover, though, is the correlation between emergency-response times and graffiti. That’s not because of a lack of interest. Quite the contrary. It was our first idea when we browsed the Data Mine’s catalog, and was slated for today’s post. While hunting around for some additional information on that topic, though, we stumbled onto some folks at NYU who had published their findings. (Kudos, by the by.) So please, give them a read, and come back to us next time for another New York topic.

Have some New York City data you’d like us to explore? Please tell us about it. As always, thanks for reading.

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