Who are you?

We’re LocalMaxima. We enjoy digging for treasures in data.

We like mathematics, economics, finance, music, and technology. Expect to see mention of those topics and more as the site grows.

What’s the deal with this site?

The core theme of this website is also what ties together our various interests: data. More specifically, data analysis.

We’re curious people. Thanks to advancing technology, we live in a time in which data is plentiful, accessible, and increasingly easier to explore. There are answers hidden in data and we like to bring them to light.

To that end we’ll use this website to share our questions, our conclusions, and the data and tools that bring them together. Sometimes the questions will come first, other times we’ll spot an interesting data set and look for structure within.

So this website is just about your data analysis pursuits?

That, and more! We enjoy making sense of data for fun. Perhaps we could help you make sense of your data, too?

Please review our professional services to see what we can do for your business.

What tools to you use to analyze data?

We use a variety of applications, techniques, and programming languages. Instead of listing everything here here, we’ll provide more details in the website posts as we explore data sets.