What services does LocalMaxima provide?

LocalMaxima offers data-driven business consulting. We mix technology, analysis, visualization, and business experience to augment your strategic planning.

We can work with your existing data and also help you extract or collect new data, all with the aim of better understanding your business.

Why do I care about analyzing my data?
Do I even have data?

Your business generates data every moment of its operation: cash register tallies, accounting records, server logs, and so on. It’s not just a by-product of doing business; it’s a key to your decision process.

By collecting and analyzing your data, you may provide support for existing decisions, expose inefficiencies, or even reveal a hidden source of revenue.

Bottom line: if you’re not analyzing your data, you could be leaving money on the table.

Do I have to run a large, web-based business to have data?

Not at all.

Whether you run an intimate brick-and-mortar storefront, a global professional services firm, or a web-based retail operation, your business generates data.

Even if you don’t use technology on your front lines, your back-office operations — accounts receivable, payroll, time-clock — keep records. These days it’s increasingly common to use computers for that record-keeping, which means it’s even easier to collect data for further analysis.

Where is LocalMaxima?

Modern communications technology gives LocalMaxima a global reach.

We have a physical presence in the USA.

How do I begin?

Ready to look for hidden treasures in your data? We’re ready to help.

Please contact us to begin the conversation.